Did You Donate Your Yoga Mat?

Last Saturday our studio, The Green Yogi, lululemon athletica, Four Daughters Kitchen and Y.O.G.A. for Youth, an organization dedicated to creating opportunities for youth to practice yoga in schools, community facilities, hospitals and detention centers, partnered for a very successful mat donation drive!  So successful lululemon athletica, Plaza El Segundo, is continuing to collect mats at their store through the end of March.  Instead of using donation dollars Y.O.G.A. for Youth  is now able to immediately start using your donated mats in their communities and provide urban youth with the ancient yogic tools of self-discovery that can foster hope, discipline and respect, for oneself and community.

I donated my 10 year old lululemon athletica Align Mat, we enjoyed countless yoga classes together!  But it was time for a new mat and lucky me I was able to demo an Embrace Activism Mat awhile back and knew I had a great mat coupled with a great cause to take my old mat’s place.

Deluxe Yoga kit

If you are in need of a new mat Karen Whittier, Chief Activist from Embrace Activism, has graciously offered a special promotion on her  Embrace Activism Mats for our yogis!   Click here to go to her online store and at checkout use the promo code DailyHope for 10% off your purchase and a 10% contribution will be made on your behalf to LA City of Hope.  City of Hope is “recognized worldwide for its compassionate patient care, innovative science and translational research, which rapidly turns laboratory breakthroughs into promising new therapies.”   You can now use your yoga practice to make a difference in your own life as well as others, pretty awesome!  This promotion expires 3/31/12.

Embrace Activism operates with 2 objectives: to promote health and wellness for all through yoga and to raise money for non-profit organizations, which are focused on research and finding cures for deadly diseases.  Embrace Activism puts into action what B.K.S. Iyengar stated: “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” Karen is currently committed to encouraging the practice of yoga especially focusing on individuals and families affected by Breast Cancer.  She has designed a line of pink eco-friendly products ranging from yoga mats, blocks, straps, bags, water bottles and flip-flops with the intent of raising awareness and money for organizations that share her purpose of dealing with disease through the practice of yoga.

Other diseases Karen plans on focusing on in the future are Heart Disease/Stroke, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, and Multiple Sclerosis.  If you and your family have a connection to any of these Embrace Activism can give you a way to make a difference for your loved ones by helping you promote health through yoga and raise money for non-profit organizations that are dedicated to the same causes you are.

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  1. Yoga can make a difference thanks to people-oriented studios like the Green Yogi! I’m so glad Embrace Activism was able to be part of this!

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