Essential Oils

What are essential oils?  Smell a rose, take a whiff of basil, or peel an orange.  Possibly without realizing it you have experienced essential oils aromatically.  Essential oils are natural extracts that come from flowers, bark, stems, seeds, and other parts of plants.  In addition to giving plants their distinctive smells, essential oils are also able to protect plants against certain predators and disease.

basil bsp Basil

basil used for abdominal cramps, amenorrhea, bee sting, bursitis, chronic fatigue, crohn’s disease, diabetes, earache, epstein barr, fatigue, insect bites, migraine, muscle spasms, muscular dystrophy, restless leg syndrome, tendonitis, torn ligament, torn muscles, and vertigo

Throughout history humans have observed these protective qualities and have borrowed essential oils for their own use for medical and therapeutic benefits, ranging from allergies to headaches, high blood pressure to a hangover, depression to acne to name just a few.  The Egyptians used essential oils not only in their medical practices, but in their beauty regiments, and food preparation.  The Greeks used oils for massage and aromatherapy while the Romans used them to promote personal hygiene and health.

cinnamon used for diabetes, bacterial infection, cavities, diverticulitis, halitosis, hypoglycemia, mold, mrsa, pneumonia, yeast infection

In more modern history French chemist Rene-Maurince Gattefosse stumbled upon lavender oil accidentally when his badly burned hand was healed from the essential oil.  In World War II Dr. Jean Valnet led the development of modern aromatherapy practices by successfully using oils on injured soldiers.  If you are uncomfortable always getting a prescription for a potent drug or using over the counter medication you might want to educate yourself on what types of essential oils can help with your particular ailment.  Currently you can find most essential oils in Health Markets like Whole Foods or community markets like the Food Co-Op in Santa Monica or contact one of our yogis Amy MacConnell of Club Kids Yoga, she is an essential oil expert!


lavender used for anxiety, arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, bruise, burns, calming, cuts/scrapes, diaper rash, ear infection, eczema, giardia, heat stroke, insect bites, insomnia, itching, measles, poison ivy, rash, skin allergies, stress, sun burn

As a consumer you should make sure any essential oil you are purchasing is 100% Natural and Therapeutic Grade and has the CPTG logo (certified pure therapeutic grade)  This will ensure you are using the most effective and safest oils available, providing you with all the health benefits but none of the side effects or addictions that can occur with some prescription and over the counter medications.

Remember if you have health concerns you should always consult a healthcare professional!

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