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A couple months ago we decided to start honoring a yogi each month that inspired us as a staff at The Green Yogi.  For the month of February we selected Jessica Klepper and wanted to dedicate a blog post to her to share some of her thoughts on yoga with you all!

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 Who is your favorite instructor and what is your favorite asana?

It’s a tie between Heather Archer and Jamie Horgan. I’m insanely in love with both of them for different reasons. They have not yet taken out restraining orders against me. Tripod headstand is my favorite pose. Feels so good on the ol’ noggin.

What is your intention for your yoga practice in 2012?

Complete my foundation course in teacher training through Mukti- and do a handstand!!!

What song would you like to hear on every yoga play list?

Anything Tamal sings makes me cry (in a good way). Thanks, dude. Anything Jamie plays. The remake of ‘Hey Ya’.

What inspires you?

Everything. I think everything is here for a purpose and it is up to you to appreciate its presence. If you pay attention, you will see things that will inspire you every day.

How has yoga improved your life?

February tends to remind me of love (Valentine’s Day)- oh, and I guess Presidents too- but mainly love. I honestly think yoga brought me love (and Chelsea’s mala beads didn’t hurt either!) Yoga allowed me to discover a true and respectful love for myself. Once that happened, I attracted love all around: a soulmate, a job I love, people I love. It all changed with yoga.

When you aren’t on your mat, where can we find you?

Oh goodness. You can say I’m like the night- I’m everywhere. At the beach. With friends/my man. I’m on the Board of Directors for New Image Emergency Homeless Shelter. I’m also a Province Director of Chapters for my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. I volunteer with Camp Harmony every summer. I’m in a book club- and, oh yes, I work full-time. I am a Biz Dev Manager for American Express. And I love napping with my two basenjis- DAILY!

Thank you, yoga and Green Yogi- I think I love you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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