Did Yoga Help the Giants Win Superbowl XLVI?

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Did you watch the game yesterday?  Hopefully you have recovered from your food coma and if you are a Patriots fan you have remembered it is just a game, you have had 3 Superbowl victories recently, and there is always next year….

So what did the Giants have that the Patriots didn’t?  Besides, MVP Eli Manning?


Giants Yoga

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Fox News reported the Giants have been practicing with yoga teacher Gwen Lawrence all season, not to mention the previous 11 seasons as well.

“The Giants were my first professional team,” Lawrence said, she also works with other professional sport teams like the New York Knicks, Rangers as well as members of the Yankees.

Gwen worked with the Giants twice a week during pre-season to get the players in shape and prepare their bodies for the upcoming year.   She specializes in several forms of yoga including Hatha, Ashtanga VInyasa, and Iyengar to develop the entire mind and body.  Her top 3 secret asanas?  Single and Double Pigeon (for those outer hips that get super tight from running), Frog (to open the inner hips and thighs), and Hero Pose (targets the top the quadriceps and stretches the tops of the feet)

Most people have a hard time with all three of these poses especially athletes that run in their other sports, but by using blocks and bolsters you can get comfy and open your body like a NY Giant Superbowl Champ.

Gwen’s “philosophy is, strength plus flexibility equals power on the field.  Doing these moves not only keeps players less injury prone – because a tight, rigid body is more likely to crack and break – but they also translate into power.  We’re working on mental toughness, too,” she said.  “Sometimes you have players with pre-game anxiety, and the breathing techniques they learn in yoga can help them cope.”

New York Giants cornerback Aaron Ross. photo via MySanAntonio.com

Moral of the story?  Everyone can benefit from a little yoga in their life.  Whether you are practicing 5 days a week at The Green Yogi, do sets of Sun Salutations every morning when you wake up, meditate for 5 minutes every day, whatever…  you are bringing the joy of yoga in to your life and reaping the awards.  Winning!

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  1. I don’t think there’s any question yoga helped the Giants to a win! With a philosophy like “strength plus flexibility equals power on the field” (and Manning) there was no other outcome! I would imagine other teams will be adding yoga to their training….

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