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KEVO Naturals Body Butter
KEVO Naturals Body Butter

KEVO Naturals® is an awesome product line.  I was lucky to come across it by chance at the The Green Yogi when I was talking to a friend about how my body was adapting to pregnancy pretty well, except that my skin felt really itchy and tight by days end.

I was lucky because Brad Glynn, a fellow yogi with a dedicated practice and Certified Massage Therapist, happened to be in the lobby.  And my friend knew he had developed an all natural body butter product that could soothe my tight skin, it was meant to be!

KEVO Naturals® is rooted in a belief system that nature made things better than man can create artificially.” 

Brad created KEVO Naturals® really for his own use.  He was not satisfied with brands that were currently in the marketplace and knew he could create something better.  To help protect his skin he started researching and testing different natural ingredients and after perfecting his formulas he created a line of body products including a body butter, lip formula, deep tissue oil, and eye cream.

In addition to being all natural, ingredients include shea butter, beeswax, jojoba and lavender oil, aloe vera, and other essential oils, all products have a 2 year shelf life if kept in a cool dry place, prices range from $5 to $21.50, plus all are packaged in reusable recyclable containers.  Green, reasonably priced, and effective, that’s my kind of product trifecta.

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Body Butter (ultimate moisturizer for dry skin)

4 oz $21.50

Lip Formula

3 for $12 or 1 for $5

Deep Tissue Oil

1 oz $11.50

Eye Cream

0.5 oz $18.50

Do you have any natural brands you use and love?  Please share!

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