Green Tips for Decorating

I love flowers.  They make me happy, add much needed color to a kitchen table, bedroom, bathroom, coffee table, etc. but they can be pricey and over all wasteful especially if you’re like me and always want to have natural elements in your home.  I’m not a huge fan of fake flowers although there are some pretty convincing ones out there, so what is an environmentally aware person to do?

Coffee Table Display
grapefruit on our coffee table

Use fruit!  I’ve mentioned my need to constantly consume the fresh stuff before…  But what better way to use it before it’s consumed by displaying it in a pretty bowl, basket, or hurricane?

centerpiece on kitchen table now, lemonade later

True, fruit can last longer in the refrigerator, but for the most part it tastes way better at room temp.  S0 use whatever fruit is in season, right now we have lemons and grapefruits galore from my parent’s trees…  But other great options are pears, oranges, apples, avocados, tomatoes, grapes, mangoes, artichokes, be creative!  That way you bring color and nature in to your living space without spending money on flowers that wilt and die within a couple days.  It’s also a great way to keep healthy foods top of mind.  Why would you open your pantry for crackers when you have gorgeous fresh fruit staring at you from your kitchen table?

image from stylefiles

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