Eco Clean Weekend Project

Since working at The Green Yogi for the past year and with a new baby on the way I’ve started to think more about the type of household cleaners I personally use.  With my chemistry background (I taught the subject for the past 5 years) combined with my new concerns and responsibilities as a future parent and exposure to a green business, I have started to explore nontoxic household cleaners I can make myself, are safe for my family, easy to make/buy ingredients, and still get the job done, a clean living space.

Imagine how happy I was when I opened my stocking Christmas morning to find a recipe box from Annie B. Bond with 50 formulas for nontoxic cleaning solutions! Thank you Santa;)

Eco-Clean Recipe Box

I’ll be sharing a new recipe weekly, so if you’re like me and want safe cleaning products without the chemicals and potential risks they bring, enjoy!  And if you have any green non toxic magic recipes you always use, please let me know, I’d love to try them.

1st up, an All-Purpose Cleaner

Deodorizing Spray: To reduce odor and leave a light fragrance in the air.  Use instead of products like febreeze or candles

makes: 1 cup

prep time: 2 minutes

shelf life: forever

storage: leave in the spray bottle (make sure you label it though!)

ingredients: 8 drops lavender oil, 4 drops each of bergamot and clove oil, 2 drops peppermint oil, 1/2 cup vodka, 1/2 cup distilled water.

Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake.  Spritz in the air 4-5 times in the areas of your house/space you feel need freshening.  Avoid contact with your eyes.  The oils can all be purchased at health food stores or herb suppliers.


You can use other essential oils for your deodorizing spray if you like different scents.  Another combo to try is 8 drops lavender, 4 drops rose and geranium oil, and 2 drops bergamot oil, with the vodka and distilled water.

Happy Cleaning,


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