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Why do you practice yoga?

We all have our own reasons to roll out our mats.  I practice because yoga’s teachings and traditions make sense to me.  It’s a complete body workout where I can find my own edge, center my mind, sculpt my muscles, sweat profusely, cleanse my toxins, feel invigorated and light for hours after practicing, with an added bonus of being able to visit with friends at The Green Yogi, so great!

But even with all those fantastic reasons sometimes I need extra inspiration.  Which is exactly what I got when I watched this beautiful yoga sequence by Briohny Smyth from Equinox.  It reminded me of the purity of yoga and that all I need is my mat and body to practice.

We all look to different places for inspiration.  Friends, family, books, movies, teachers, art, quotes, youtube!  However, the one source of inspiration we always have to draw on is our own.  Which is why yoga is so meaningful, it is our own inspirational practice.  Sometimes we just have to be reminded!

You have everything you need to practice now within you now.  And everything you will accomplish in the future you already have waiting within yourself.

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