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Did you make any resolutions for 2012?  Possibly to have more balance, eat healthier, sweat more, earn more money, have a middle of the room Pincha Mayurasana,  travel to new places?  Regardless of what you want to manifest in your life you have to be able to believe in it first to be able to achieve it and stick to it later.

Researchers at the University of Illinois in Champaign found that among previously sedentary people that committed themselves to a three day a week workout schedule for at least 21 days were able to successfully stick to their new regimen for the rest of the year!

Those of you that are registered for our Yoga Challenge here at The Green Yogi are setting yourselves up to achieve what you believe you can do, 20 classes in 30 days.  The bonus of achieving this goal is your are prioritizing your practice and making yoga a part of your daily routine, congrats!

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If you aren’t signed up for our challenge why not make your own?  Purchase a month unlimited package at our studio or any yoga studio and hold yourself accountable.  Get a class schedule, map out which 20 classes work for your calendar (does 20 seem like too much? start with 15 then), put them in your iPhone/Blackberry, set reminders, keep your gym bag/yoga bag in your car, then get yourself to class and enjoy the benefits of your practice!

Planning where, when, and how you want to sweat will cause a change in your behavior that makes yoga more routine.  After just 3 weeks of a continuous yoga schedule you will crave the natural high you feel from your chosen method of sweating.  This is due to the natural release of endorphins from exercise and your body/brain will want to maintain that high everyday; therefore you will continue to roll out your yoga mat to sweat.

And this will hold true not just for yoga but any form of exercise you want to become routine, as well as eating healthfully, traveling to exciting places, implementing balance, etc.  It is not going to happen over night though, you might have a lapse or two or three… But the most important thing to remember is to not give up, allow yourself time to break your negative habits, in yoga we call them samskaras, and implement routines that serve your daily life and how you choose to live it!

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