That’s it.

With 2012 right around the corner, most of us begin to think about habits we’d like to change in the new year.  For some people it is to be more active, for others it is to create balance between family and work life, for others it is to eat better.  No matter what habits you’d like to let go of and which habits you’d like to implement here is a yummy product we sell at The Green Yogi that may help you to snack a bit healthier in 2012!

Besides a real piece of fruit, a perfect snack, (which I consume large quantities of on a daily basis and never seem to be able to keep enough in the house) That’s It. snack bars are an easy alternative.

With only 2 ingredients, seriously that’s it, you know you have a whole food snack that won’t bruise in your bag and will help tide you over between a healthy lunch and nutritious dinner.

What’s GREAT about That’s It?

Only 100 calories! (easy on the waistline)
3g fiber (helps you stay full longer, aids in digestion)
Fruit (natural energy boost)
Vitamins A & C and Beta-Carotene (antioxidant powerhouses)
Kosher, Vegan, Gluten-free, Diabetic friendly (fits various lifestyles)

So if you ever need a pick me up before your next yoga class That’s it. bars will help fuel your practice!



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