Setting Intentions

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands — your own.” –Mark Victor Hansen

Here at The Green Yogi we are giving all our yogis the opportunity to share their goals and intentions with our yoga family through our Intention Ribbons.  We want to share the power of setting intentions with all our guests and hope if you do not write an intention here in the studio you take a minute to read this post and then write yours at home! 

Often times, especially when there is a new moon, teachers will instruct us to set and intention for our practice.  An intention is similar to a goal, what do you want to achieve or focus on?  Inside the studio it can seem simple, my personal intention rarely changes in class, it is to remember to breathe consciously!

But what about outside yoga class?  Can we set intentions for our personal lives, our careers, or love life?  Of course, and it is the imperative first step in creating the life we truly want.  Transforming a conversation, just like manifesting a dream, begins by setting an intention.  By setting, writing, and displaying intentions you will take greater control of your life.

A working definition for an intention is: “to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the mind, to aim.” Lacking intention, we sometimes stray without meaning or direction. But with it, all the forces of the universe can align to make even the most impossible, possible. My intention of this blog post is to change the way you think about your dreams; from fear and doubt, to hope and possibility, followed by action and results.

For some of us we know exactly what we want, but we don’t tell anyone our intention because we are afraid they will judge us or we fear what happens if we do not achieve our intention right away and if they will think we failed.  Other people have gone through the motions of life having success here and there, moving from one step to the next, but never with a master plan.  What happens when you stop moving or having success?  There are others that have not had much success or happiness.  How is what you are currently doing working out for you?  Not so great?  Change your current life pattern and set intentions.

But how?  There are different strategies I will share, but the common thread through all strategies is to WRITE YOUR INTENTIONS DOWN and DISPLAY THEM.  Whether it is in a pretty frame by your desk, a piece of paper you keep in the plastic window of your wallet, a post it on your fridge, or here at The Green Yogi on our Intention Ribbons, put your dreams in motion.  By setting an intention, you make it clear to yourself and others, just what you plan to do. Set an intention to redefine what it means to be serious about your dreams.

Strategy #1 Individual Intentions

1. Get clear about something you want and write it down.

2. Share your intention with someone in a way that will supportively hold you accountable to taking action.

3. Do something today to demonstrate your commitment to your intention.

4. Acknowledge that you did what you said you would and then, take the next step to completing your intention. 

Strategy #2  Holistic Approach

1.  Ask yourself, if money and time were no option what does your ideal life look, feel, smell like 10 years from now?  Who is in it?  How do you spend your time?  Where are you living?  Where are you working? 

Then write it down, maybe you can paint the picture in 1 paragraph maybe you need 10 pages, but write it down. 

2.  Then work backwards, what do you need to achieve within the next year so you have your ideal life 10 years from now?  Write it down!

3.  What do you need to achieve within the next 5 years so you have your dream life 10 years from  now?  Write it down!

4.  What do you need to achieve within the next 10 years so that you are living your dream life?  Write it down. 

5.  Display your 1, 5, 10 year intentions as well as your vision for your ideal life.  Don’t worry if there are holes or you want to change an intention tomorrow, next month, or 7 years from now.  It is a living document that you own and can control.  If you dream it, set an intention, and it will manifest in your life.

Lululemon Athletica has a comprehensive worksheet and more tips to help you get started and organized, 

“The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.” –Benjamin Mays

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