Yoga for You and Your Baby!

Here at The Green Yogi some of us have babies on our brains more than most…  But whether or not you are currently pregnant, one day it might be you, your wife, or friend and we want to ensure that future mommies are healthy before, during, and after pregnancy. Which is why Wendy Garafalo will be starting her second Prenatal series for expectant mothers starting this Wednesday November 2nd at 11:00am and will run through December 14th!  You can register online under the workshops tab or in person at the studio.

For those of you that can’t make it to the Prenatal classes I have included important information you need to know to maintain your health as well as your babies health during pregnancy.  Please make sure to share your happy news with your teachers as they can help remind you and offer other modifications during class.  Happy reading and healthy pregnancy to you!

What to expect and how to modify your yoga practice during the 3 stages of pregnancy?

First Trimester: During the first trimester, some mom’s experience fatigue and nausea to different extremes.  This usually subsides anywhere from 12-16 weeks and during this time it is important to allow your body to rest and relax.  The baby is using your body and energy to grow and this period is when the baby’s cells are actually multiplying the most!   Your baby needs an environment that is as stress free as possible.  Therefore, try not to push or over-exert yourself.  If you are practicing yoga regularly, consider skipping some vinyasas and take childs pose several times during your practice if you are more fatigued than usual.  Staying hydrated is more important than ever, so drink lots of H2O before and after class, aim for at least 80 ounces of water per day!

Poses and exercises to modify and avoid during class:

Closed twists, core/abdominal work, holding breath

Poses to focus on and try instead:

Open twists, hip-opening (yogi squat, happy baby), deep breathing

Second Trimester: Most women experience a return of their energy during this trimester. The belly bump starts to show and excitement builds.  It is still important to give your body time to rest. You may feel like pushing a little harder in yoga classes which is fine if it feels good, however modifications are a must!

Poses to modify and avoid:

Vinyasa (avoid lowering to the belly), closed twists, core/abdominal work, holding breath, deep backbends

Poses to focus on and try instead:

Yogi push-up with knees down, open twists and shoulder openers, hip-opening (yogi squat, happy baby), kegels! deep breathing, supported backbends

Third Trimester: It is obvious now to everyone you are pregnant. The uterus is 500 times its normal size and has expanded all the way to the rib cage. Breathing can feel a little restricted, so once again rest and relax when your body tells you. Remember you are breathing for two, so deep breaths are vital!

Poses to modify and avoid:

Vinyasa, twists, core/abdominal work, holding breath and ujayi breath, deep backbends, lying on back*

*When you are on your back there is a possibility of cutting off blood flow to your lower extremities, if you want to be on your back use a bolster and or blocks to elevate your upper body.

Poses to focus on and try instead:

Yogi push-up with knees down, open twists and side stretches, hip-opening (yogi squat, happy baby), kegels! deep breathing or alternate nostril breathing, shoulder openers, elevated lying on back, elevate, or side-lying

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