The Green Yogi at the Beach!

This past weekend Lululemon Athletica hosted Salutation Nation, in Redondo Beach at Avenue C, featuring one of their Yoga Ambassadors and a Green Yogi teacher, Julie Rader! It was a little rainy in the early morning but at 8:45 the skies cleared and about 100 yogis spread their mats on the beach and had an awesome (and free!) yoga class which ended in a group meditation.

If you’ve never tried yoga on the beach, we highly recommend it. True, finding your balance can be a bit more challenging than on the non-moving surface of a wood floor, however the serene and tranquil setting of nature at the beach has so much to offer! In yogic traditions, much of our “prana,” or energy, is drawn from nature and the earth. Prana, which is surrounding us and is able to enter our bodies through our breath, is in every living being and yogis believe it is our life force.

The air we breathe is not the actual life force energy, nor does the air actually contain the prana. Through the practice of yoga, breath and movement, we utilize the breath to promote, control, and direct the flow of prana to bring a beneficial change to our bodies and minds. Just as there are specific asanas used to direct the pranic flow, the different breath techniques can bring stimulation, calm and even blissfulness to a yogi.

Of course we want our bodies to sweat so we can burn our calories and get on with our days. But how lucky we all are to practice yoga, a tradition that not only makes our arms toned and tummies tight but relaxes our minds and melts our stresses away at the same time!

Salutation Nation was a great opportunity to meet people in our South Bay community while increasing our strength, flexibility and balance in the natural surroundings of Redondo Beach!

Thank you to all those yogis at Salutation Nation, Julie Rader, and Lululemon Athletica:)

Meditation at the end of our practice

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