Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Although summer is technically over this Monday, here in sunny Southern California we will probably have at least another two months of beach days, afternoon bbq’s, and tan lines! However, just because the weather feels like summer our routines do change in the fall. For some of us our kids go back to school, we will be in town, there are football games on the weekends, and people in the office can get a little more serious.

So, how do we get back in to a healthy and positive routine? With yoga and by trying new things of course! For many of us the practice of yoga is how we get our sweat on, which promotes higher calorie and fat burning; both awesome side effects. But the are tons of little unexpected nuggets of goodness from our practice! Glowing skin from sweating profusely in a Christine Kane Vinyasa Flow class on Sunday mornings, reversing your circulation, which aides in metabolism, in a headstand at the end of an early morning session with Heather Archer on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or relaxing in to a well earned Savasana at the end of Tamal Dodge’s class on Monday and Wednesday nights where he lullabies you in to a state of bliss!

Here at the Green Yogi we are know for our relaxing and zen like decor as well as our fantastic teachers. Our rock star teachers are what make us so great and they’re up to some amazing things this fall which you need to make part of your routines!

Wendy Garafalo will be teaching a Prenatal Yoga Class on Wednesday afternoons (not just for ladies with child:)

Julie Rader will be guiding a week of yoga practice in Belize in November.

Shelley Williams is back from Costa Rica and will be resuming her classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

To get us all back in to the swing of things this fall we suggest sticking with your favorite teachers but change it up too! You never know what will happen when you challenge yourself to trying a new class… you might meet a cool fellow yogi, be exposed to a new pose or breathing practice, and adopt those in to your new fall routine!

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