Spring Cleaning – 24 Things by Earth Day!

We are inspired by Marylee Fairbanks and her recent post at Elephant Journal where she encourages – no, challenges! – people to give away one thing a day for 24 days straight. Hence the name: 24 things!

As Marylee points out, decluttering is part of the process to make room for new experiences in your life. Unfortunately, decluttering can be very … ungreen. Many people declutter by throwing things away; unfortunately, this can mean a number of items that simply aren’t trash. Here are some tips to declutter in the Green way!

  • Do not throw hazardous waste in the trash. The most common example is batteries, which should be taken to a battery recycling collection. Target now offers these bins.
  • Do not throw ink cartridges in the trash – they’re 100% recyclable. Taking your cartridges to Office Depot will generate an instant rebate, and Target also has ink bin recycling.
  • Do not throw away electronics including televisions and computers. These should be taken to an e-waste site. If you live in Manhattan Beach, Manhattan Beach Middle School hosts regular e-waste collections. There will also be a collection at the Earth Day celebration in Pollywog Park.
  • Before throwing away furniture, consider placing it in your yard for one day with a sign “FREE!” You’ll be surprised, your neighbors will help you clean your clutter!
  • Donate clothing, books and gently used furniture rather than throwing them away.
  • While you’re at the donation spot, if you need NEW items, consider repurposing something that is already used. Buying new items not only wastes more in the manufacturing process, it also requires packaging that can generate a tremendous amount of unneeded garbage.

So: consider yourself challenged. Get rid of one thing a day for 24 days, and, to make the challenge a little more Green Yogi-ish, do not throw a single one of these items in the trash!

Bring in a receipt for any donated item now through April 30 and receive 10% off your 10 or 20 class package! (Limit one per student)

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