Yoga Makes a Better Businessman – From Forbes Magazine

You know what they say, when the people in suits start following your trend, you’re onto something. Okay, maybe they don’t say that. And, maybe it really doesn’t apply in this case. See, people were on to yoga thousands of years ago, and some of the most accomplished men in the ancient world were using its powers to be better businessmen, better husbands and even better generals. Yes, did you know Napoleon kept yoga teachers with him and meditated in the middle of battle for clarity?

Men weren’t the only yogis, either. The original “yoginis” – female yogis – were using yoga’s ability to cultivate a happy, peaceful, healthy, spiritual existence back when life was a lot tougher than it is today. Needless to say, yoga took hold long before the people in suits started practicing. But, nonetheless, it is nice to get a nod from the suits on occasion, letting us know we are succeeding in our mission to spread yoga to all who can benefit from it. Namely: everyone.

Check out more from Forbes magazine on how one CEO believes yoga is making him more successful, and not just in the office:

I proudly serve as the CEO of Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide. Even before I started practicing yoga Blue Chip made a clearly articulated pledge to all of our stakeholders. We call it “The Promise of Uniting.” It embodies a philosophy that none of us alone is as good as all of us together. It recognizes that a culture that unites the best of heart and mind will achieve remarkable results. Little did I know that many consider the definition of yoga to come from the Sanskrit root “yuj,” meaning to unite, or the practice of uniting body, mind and spirit.

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