The Best Ways to Help Japan

If you are one of the many people wondering just what to do to ease the suffering of victims in Japan, you have likely noticed the advice is varied. Here is the best information we could gather on what you can do to help.

First, the Red Cross is an excellent source if you are looking to donate money. You can do so through your cell phone or any other method. However, you should note the Red Cross is working with a large number of donations, most of them electronic, and limited feet on the ground. This means it can take awhile for your dollars to be put to action.

For more immediate results, consider donating usable goods. Sports Chalet, including locations in Los Angeles such as Marina del Rey, is collecting shoes to send. This in-kind donation can reach the public faster, but it can still get held up as ships and planes need clearance and direction to work out the supply chain and reach the right people.

Fiscal and in kind donations are physical ways for you to give help. There are other ways, spiritual and emotional, in which you can help with the healing process. As a yogi, your body is very open to changes in the world. You have likely felt the affects of the super moon, the crisis in Japan, and the uncertainty of the future of Libyan people.

This is a high energy time, and the world is under a lot of collective stress. You can do your best to relieve rather than contribute to is stress. Stay informed on events, but resist the temptation to watch images of horror repeatedly. Don’t give in to media exaggerations intended to capitalize on fear. Do not allow the tragedy to bring you down even when you empathize with the suffering of others.

What the world needs today is people with hope for the future, a bright outlook and inspiration to go around. Send money, send shoes, send love and send prayers. But allow those prayers to be for recovery, light and an end to suffering. It is amazing what we can do collectively as people when we rise through these tragedies rather than wallowing in them.

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