Fulfilling the Need to Live Better

Our motto here at The Green Yogi is simple: Be Inspired.

Okay, maybe that’s not so simple. In a world with too much pollution, competition, fear, anger and uncertainty to go around, we can often feel deflated instead of inspired. But every once in awhile something comes around, a spark, a suggestion, a friend, a colleague … or even a student … that inspires us to live better.

Meet Lowell, a student at The Green Yogi and an inspiration to us all. Lowell just founded, researched, developed and launched his own iPhone wellness application. And he did it all while fighting cancer. Lowell says, “Cancer has been my guru. Repeatedly confronting my mortality has given me perspective I’m not sure I would have otherwise found in a lifetime of searching. It has sharpened my focus on what is important to me, helped me better appreciate the wonderful people in my life, and steered me towards my purpose — Livifi.”

Lowell’s Livifi App is designed based on comprehensive research into best practices for healthy activity physically, mentally and in relationships. Livifi helps you learn those healthy activities, set goals to incorporate them into your life and practice them daily. Lowell says, “Livifi started with my own need to live better.” We can’t think of a better place to start.

To read more about Lowell and the Livifi App, visit the website at www.livifi.com.

Lowell, you inspire us. We are honored to have you as a student and look forward to hearing the great successes of Livifi and the many people it encourages to go out and … Be Inspired.

Oh, PS – Go download the App, it’s FREE 🙂

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