Full Moon, Restless Yogi

Ever heard anyone say, “I’m feeling the full moon?” Ever wonder if you are, actually, “feeling the full moon” yourself? How do you know?

The moon moves oceans; it can most certainly move your mood. When the moon is full, it is opposite the sun in comparison to our position here (as Earth, you know, the third rock). This means we are smack dab in the middle of two very powerful universal bodies. What can that feel like? In a word: opposition!

I should be doing that, but I want to do this. I feel tired, but I can’t sleep. I’m hungry, but this food is not satiating me. I’m in opposition with myself!

As yogis, we learn to tune into our bodies and their natural cycles. We also learn to be present, to take each swing as it comes, and to accept the way we are feeling. As some would say, we are encouraged to “feel freely.” Even if what we’re feeling is confused. That said, we can help to counter some of the confusion and enter a more peaceful phase as the full moon passes.

Try these three yoga poses to help calm your reaction to the full moon:

Deaf man’s pose:

Okay, so you’ll look a little funny, but who’s looking? This pose has long been known to relax a restless mind, cutting off sensory impulses from the outside world. Simply lay down on your back, and slowly bring the feet up over your head. Bend your knees if necessary. You may be able to reach your knees down beside your ears; this is the full expression of the pose and will maximize the calming benefits. Be aware of your neck position in this pose: never look to the side. Stay in the pose for 5 to 20 minutes, or as long as comfortable.


… err, touch your toes pose! Standing forward bend is perhaps the most approachable inversion in the yogasphere. All inversions reverse the flow of blood (and energy) to the brain. This has an immediate calming effect. You don’t have to keep your legs straight, and you don’t even have to touch your toes. Simply find a comfortable forward fold you can sink into, and enjoy the peace for a moment. While inversions have the effect of calming the mind, they can also be energizing. So, this is a good option for an AM grounding when you’re feeling the full moon but still need your morning burst!

Tree pose:

Though tree pose is upright and requires energy, it is one of the most grounding poses in yoga. The focus required causes your mind to rest on one single thing – sometimes just a driste (a small, non-moving object). Taking time to balance physically can help you feel more balanced mentally. Finally, standing on solid ground will, inevitably, ground your energy. You do not need to have your non-standing leg all the way up to the thigh as shown in the picture. For beginners, simply resting the leg against the lower chin area will acheive the same purpose. Avoid resting the foot against the knee.

All of these poses can help you regain sanity in the crazy full moon cycle. You don’t need a mat or an instructor to get grounded, so take some time to practice a little yoga balance today!

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