Plant the Seeds of Intention

The New Year is here! This means a few things at The Green Yogi: first, our annual Yoga Challenge is upon us; second, our amazing students are setting intentions for a new year of goals.

You are likely overwhelmed with goal-setting advice this time of year. But if you can listen to just one more piece of advice this year, consider this tidbit from Julie Rader, “Your dreams begin manifesting immediately as the seed is planted in your mind. Roots embed deeply into the soil when you write them down. Gratitude and positivity water the seeds of intention. Doing something everyday to move toward your goal is the sunlight that passionately fuels the growth.”

Write your goals down, and ask yourself honestly, “What am I going to do to make this happen?” This second step is more important than the first. It is easy to lose sight of a goal or become discouraged if you are too focused on the big picture – results. Instead, focus on the process, the details that will help you get there. Taking the little steps will allow the big picture to manifest over time.

If you are wondering just how to get started … we can help you there 😉 Why not come to a yoga class? Whether your goal is to de-stress, live present, mend your relationships, be happier, healthier or lose weight, yoga can help across the board.

Join us on the mat this month during classes, workshops and our 30-day yoga challenge, beginning on 1-11-11! We’ll help you get where you want to be. Oh, and it’s pretty fun, too 🙂

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