The 30-Day Yoga Challenge

About one year ago, I learned what a yoga practice really is. Until that time, I always practiced sporadically. I’d run a few days a week, take a few walks, eat too much and think, “I really need to go sweat in a yoga class.” While I loved the classes I made it to, I never considered myself a “yogini.” I’d peek into a level 2-3 class and think, “Could I fit in there?”

Last January, that all changed. I was getting married in the spring, and I decided to go ahead and participate in a 30-day yoga challenge at The Green Yogi in order to get my arms in shape. Yes, that’s really the reason I discovered yoga, and I think it was as good a reason as any!

30 days later I had practiced yoga 28 times. I was totally addicted. My body had changed before my eyes. Even though I’d always been active and fit, there was a new leanness to my torso and form to my arms that I fell in love with. 30 days was all it took, and I was suddenly a yogini. Now, those level 2-3 classes are my favorite.

More important than the physical benefits, though, that first 30-day challenge opened me up to a whole new way of being. I let go of my long-held notions of competition, stopped fighting the ups and downs in my own life, and learned to simply live present and take on whatever feelings the day brought. I learned to “be inspired” by each new task I took on.  It changed my career, my outlook, my diet and my spirituality.

Whatever your reason for trying a challenge – whether you want bridal arms or a whole new religion – this is your chance. You may be wholly new to yoga or you may just need a revival in your personal practice. You can get out what ever you put in, but don’t be surprised if you get even more than you asked for!

The Green Yogi 30-day Challenge: It’ll change your life 🙂


Bethany Eanes
True Life Yoga Convert

The 30-day challenge, which runs from January 11 to February 9, is the perfect way to kick start your New Year’s Resolution. When you succeed, you will be rewarded with a Green Yogi t-shirt and a discounted class package. Sign up for the Challenge begins now right here on The Green Yogi website!

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