When life gives you rain …

Get watery!

If you’re a parent of a young child, you are likely aware of the way rain can actually call children outside. While we adults huddle up under cover, children want to dance, celebrate and play outside in the rain.

We don’t have to lose this joy just because we’ve added a few candles to the birthday cake. All cultures historically celebrate rainfall for the gift of new life and purity it brings to the Earth. All cultures except SoCal culture, that is! How many times have you complained about the rain these past few weeks? Has it ruined your plans? Has it even (gasp) stopped you from coming to yoga?

In yoga, rain presents the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the water element in your practice. The water element is very present in the Second Chakra, the pleasure Chakra. Practice in the rain, and open your Second Chakra!

Down Dog to Up Dog Transition:

  • Skip the traditional vinyasa movements and move straight from down dog to up dog.
  • Start in down dog, strongly grounded
  • Arch your back like a cat, and begin to make a wave forward with your body
  • Stop when your chest has moved through your arms, and you will find yourself in up dog
  • In this version, do not untuck the toes, keep them firmly planted
  • Arch into up dog
  • Mimic the forward movement on your way back to down dog, keeping the motion very fluid and watery

Mandala Namaskar

  • The word “mandala” is the Sanskrit word loosely translated to mean “circle”
  • Moving in a circle instead of the traditional, linear sun salute motion can take your thoughts out of your head and deeper into the Second Chakra
  • In between rounds of traditional A or B series salutes, pause in a high runners lunge
  • Move the front of your body from the original “front” leg back toward the original “back” leg by crouching low
  • You will find yourself in a runners lunge at the back of the mat
  • Complete the next series from the back of the mat, and continue to move in circles in between rounds of salutes or sequences of your choice

With the rain outside and a watery practice inside, you can begin to feel like a child playing in the rain or get back in touch with the primal desire to celebrate water. Opening yourself up to these feelings can, simply put, help you chill out!

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