How did you spend your Saturdays at college?

If you’re like most students in America, you spent college Saturdays recovering from last night, tailgating at a football game or, maybe around finals time, locked up in a library. With over 20 percent of Americans suffering from symptoms of depression, this type of lifestyle can take its toll, especially considering college students are prime age for mood disorders. Wouldn’t it be great if these students had a place to go to release? Sweat? Stretch? Maybe even meditate for a minute?

At Wheaton College in Massachusetts, they do! The Green Yogi’s Samantha Beech started a power yoga club every Saturday at Wheaton. In her first semester at the school, Samantha knew she needed to build up a yoga community in her new surroundings. Samantha is sharing the power of yoga with her colleagues, and she is already making a difference. Did you know Harvard Health studies show a positive correlation between yoga and overcoming homesickness, moodiness and depression? Do you wish you had discovered this power in your first semester at college thanks to a willing teacher donating her time for free?

25 students attended Samantha’s first free class. We hope they return to continue to gain the benefits so many of our students have gained from Samantha’s classes. Congratulations, Samantha, on taking a big step to spread the yoga love to a new place and new people. We know you will use your knowledge to teach, heal and help your colleagues this year.

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