Do you break the cardinal yoga etiquette rule?

Chances are, we have all done it at some point. Just what is the number one thing that will drive your instructor bonkers? Wendy J will be teaching a FREE yoga 101 class on Sunday, September 19 from 4:15 to 5:45 PM. She will cover some yoga etiquette at that time, but we thought you may want to have a few tips before coming down to The Green Yogi. Follow these five simple steps to be a respectful yogi:

5. Take off your shoes: Simple enough. Remove your shoes before entering any yoga studio. This practice helps keep the studio clean, and it is also a way to indicate you have shed the outside pressures of your life prior to laying down your mat in a sacred space.

4. Turn off your phone: This rule has arisen out of necessity in the past few years. Ancient yogis were not worried about hearing Lady Gaga trumpet from an iPhone while they tried to hold crow pose. Today, this can be a real annoyance. Do us all a favor and switch the phone to off, not vibrate, off!

3. Keep your modifications appropriate: You will always hear an instructor invite you to modify your poses appropriately. At The Green Yogi, we tailor classes to meet all levels students. This means some students will practice jump backs into chaturunga, while others will prefer to put their knees down and take a simple crocodile version of vinyasa. It is up to you, but good etiquette tells you to keep modifications appropriate to the level of the class. Most studios aim to be inclusive and welcoming; no need for yoga show-offs! If you do plan on modifying extensively, it is wise to choose a spot in the back of class where other students will not be distracted by your variations.

2. Go to the bathroom at a resting point: Yes – it is TOTALLY okay to go to the bathroom during a yoga class. In fact, it is encouraged. As you begin to sweat and twist, it is normal for your digestive system to kick it up a notch. Yoga etiquette is simple: wait until there is a moment’s rest where none of your fellow students are focusing too hard. At this time, feel free to slip away to the bathroom.

1. Don’t skip savasana: There you have it, the number one, never break it, cardinal rule of yoga etiquette. Your instructor has worked hard to tire out your body and prepare you for your final resting pose. Out of respect to your instructor and the practice as a whole, it is up to you to set aside a few moment’s rest to simply be present. If you know you’ll have to leave class early, begin preparing for savasana about 5 to 10 minutes before you must leave. Most instructors are pleased to have students resting in savasana during class; it is a sign they have received what they needed in the class. So, before you skip out, lay flat, take up some space, close those eyes and breathe!

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