Linda Finds Pure Bliss in Seated Forward Bend

Seated Forward Bend
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My absolute favorite asana is paschimottanasana, otherwise known as seated forward bend.

I love coming into this pose at the end of a long, sweaty, flow class when my body is super warm and malleable. The release in my lower back and hamstrings and the space created in between my vertebrae is like a breath from God. I love to hold the pose for at least five minutes, observing the subtle release in my back leg muscles, how the pose completely transforms from beginning to end, and how more space in my entire back and side body is created with every long, luxurious breath…ahhh.

Sometimes I feel like I could stay and meditate in this pose…… forever. But, then, I wouldn’t get the icing on the cake. And that is the feeling that comes over me when I slowly come out feeling my vertebrae align so beautifully back together one on top of the other. That moment after, feeling the space in the backs of my legs and the length in my entire back all the way through the crown of my head is, without a doubt, PURE BLISS! 🙂

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