Chakra Vinyasa Flow Series with Julie Rader

Inspired by Wendy’s recent post on opening the heart chakra with wheel pose? Wondering about the other chakras and how you can maximize your enjoyment of each asana? Come down to The Green Yogi to check out Julie Rader’s Chakra Vinyasa Flow Series.

This practice is open to anyone wanting to explore and awaken the chakras through an intermediate to advanced vinyasa flow practice. It is great for teachers as well; in fact, it is one half of the Chakra Vinyasa Module offered through Julie Rader’s Mukti Yoga Teacher Training School.

Dates: July 9 – 14, 2010

Days and Times: Fri – Wed, 7AM to 9:15AM

Price: $200 for a series of 6 classes

Register @ The Green Yogi or online

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