Heart Chakra Opening: Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose)

For me, there is nothing like the energy I feel in urdhva dhanurasana, or wheel pose.  The setting has to be just right.  The room is warm from the energy released from myself and my fellow yogi’s and yogini’s.  Endless chatturanga dandasanas open the shoulders to allow for strength in the pose.  The quadriceps have lengthened after a few teeth-clenching low lunge quadriceps stretches.  I love the moment when I reach the peak in urdhva dhanurasana- just as the elbows straighten, the legs and back muscles engage.  The abdomen stretches and the heart opens towards the heavens.

Ahhhhh, let that beautiful energy flow into the fourth chakra, ahahata chakra.  My body feels a release from the attachments of this world, as if I could float to the heavens in the bliss of this asana.

Wheel pose also reminds me of Karma.  Thinking of life in a circular or wheel pattern reminds us to send out our good, peaceful energy, knowing it will return.  The next time you feel angry or frustrated, notice your actions toward others.  Think about that action returning to you in one form or another.  Also consider the opposite- what are your actions in times of peace and happiness?  Do you keep it all in?  Is there a way you can send it out?  Even something very simple, like giving a compliment to a stranger or friend, or perhaps dropping a coin in an expired meter.  Who wouldn’t love that!?  When you think in terms of karma- think of a wheel.  Send out the energy and emotions you want to see come back.

Once you have mastered wheel pose, try it at the wall with two blocks under each hand.  This gives the body a little extra lift.  Urdhva dhanurasana is a blissful anahata chakra opening pose.  It brings you a little closer to the heavens and makes all the drama from attachments in this world fade away, even if only for a moment.  Embrace that moment.  Le the energy in, and use it wisely.  Remember the karma wheel.   Namaste.  –Wendy J.    www.wendyjyoga.com

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