How can I make my yoga practice greener?

Make your own cleansers for a cleaner, greener house.

There are simple tips you can implement immediately to begin aligning your yoga practice with traditional green yoga principles. They start with basic changes in philosophy and focus, and they can expand to encompass a greater lifestyle change. Remember: yoga is about unity. It is a challenge to unify life on the mat with life beyond the mat, but attempting to do so will lead you to a yogic lifestyle – the ultimate goal of a physical practice.

  1. Focus on the physical
    During your practice, take cues from nature and the physical world to guide your meditation. For example, when you take your first posture of the day, notice how your body feels and reacts. Keep this presence with your physical body – specifically your breath – throughout your practice. Even those individuals hoping simply to sculpt their bodies or get a little more fit will enjoy benefits here. Staying present in your body while participating in any form of exercise will help you gain the most physical benefits.
  2. Reduce your yogic waste
    Care for the Earth while you practice. Most of these tips are simple, common sense solutions to make your practice more sustainable. Bring a water bottle to refill when you go to class. Walk to class if possible or combine errands with your trip. When you get home after practicing, don’t wash your clothes or Yogi Toes immediately. Wait until you have a full load of laundry to run the washing machine.
  3. Reduce your waste outside your practice
    When it comes time to walk away from your physical practice, you do not have to abandon your green yoga lifestyle. In fact, you should carry it with you to honor the work you have done so far. Reduce waste in your life with simple changes. There are a lot of tips on conservation, so here are some innovative tips you may not be trying yet:
  • Switch from Google to Blackle – it’s the same thing, but it uses a darker screen to save watt hours of energy
  • Make your own non-toxic cleaning supplies. These are the oldest types of cleaners around, and you can even save money by making your own. Here are some ‘recipes’ to help you out: World Watch Institute
  • Go to the library! Borrow books and magazines instead of contributing to paper trash each year.

You get the idea. When you go green with your yogic life, the changes will hopefully seamlessly spread to other areas of your home and lifestyle. Isn’t that what’s great about all yoga to begin with? We start with small, simple changes on the mat, and we begin to broaden the scope of our change, ultimately finding solutions to lead happier, healthier lives outside of practice. We hope all who practice at our green yoga studio – The Green Yogi– enjoy these benefits when the walk out the door each day.

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