What is green yoga?

With a name like “The Green Yogi,” we naturally get asked what it is that is “green” about our studio and our practice. Unfortunately, many businesses call themselves “green” without truly committing to the principles needed to create a sustainable, eco-friendly environment. When you ask us this question, though, we can answer directly.

Our Eco-Choices:

  • FSC certified lumber (they plant a tree for every tree cut down)
  • Formaldahide-free MDF (pressed saw-dust)
  • Artificial grass (saves water + made of natural nylon fibers)
  • Energy saving lights (Eco Smart dimmable lights)
  • Low VOC paints from Benjamine Moore
  • Natural Poly fill pillows (not feather)
  • 100% recycled cups
  • Spectrum Water Filtration system so students can refill water bottles and reduce plastic
  • Sell and use only eco-friendly yoga mats with no PVC
  • All printing done on recycled card stock
  • Recycled Polyester curtains
  • Reclaimed furnishings
  • Treecycle- 100% recycled paper towels
  • Panasonic Environmental Phone: Stand-by Power consumption reduced by 63%
  • All studio waste is 100% recyclable – it’s true: we don’t even have a garbage can

This description explains why our studio is green, but green yoga as a practice is more complicated than this simple checklist can show. Green yoga is a discipline that concentrates on the basic interconnection we have with the natural world. All yoga practice honors animals, plants, soil, water and air. Green yoga consistently strives to relate what occurs here on Earth with the cosmos, showing how the physical world and the spiritual world both must be revered to develop a truly transcendental practice.

Over the next few weeks, we will be providing answers to the question “What is Green Yoga?” The topics we will discuss include:

  • Where did green yoga start?
  • How do I know if I practice green yoga?
  • How can I make my practice greener?
  • What are my eco-friendly yoga apparel and accessory options?

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